What’s the real value of my degree?

Why do people go to university? Is it to pay atrociously high tuition fees? Is it to spend hours at a time, furiously typing trying to reach the minimum word count on their essays?

Nope. It’s because we all live under this notion that a degree=jobs.

I’m not saying to not go to university. But I always tend to wonder just how much my degree is worth.

Now, apparently it’s worth $35,000 plus travel and textbook  expenses. But that’s what I pay to get it. Most people tend to think worth equates to the type of job I’ll be getting afterwards.

For engineers, doctors and lawyers, their degree is worth a lot. Much so because not only do they spend double what I’m going to  pay in four years, but because society deems them necessary for the functioning of our society.

But a journalist, fashion designer or anyone else whose career doesn’t fall under math, science or medicine, good luck. You probably are paying more for your education than what it’s worth.

And that’s the huge problem with our schooling system. We pay x amount of dollars in hopes that our degree will magically grant us a job that will allow us to repay said debt. We think that a piece of paper that says “hey I spent four years in fashion school” is an accurate judge of our worth in the workplace.

It is an unfortunate consequence of our society. We live in a society who  is peculiar about what kinds of people we should value based on that paper. Doctors can save our physical being so all the power to them but journalists can only write. They don’t realize that without journalists, the very government that controls their healthcare could very well take citizen’s money and use it for themselves.

So, stop thinking about the “value” of your degree and start playing the game of jobs. Your piece of paper only matters in theory not reality. The reality is this; do what you want with your career because even if you were a nuclear physicist with seven PhDs there would still be workplaces who rejected you.

Network, live and fight for what you believe in. Because you only live once and your degree shouldn’t be the determiner of your life.



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