Why I only do candid photos of people

Candid photos. The only  thing that can simultaneously cause so much problems yet at the same time be worth the trouble of getting them.

As a child, I hated it when my family used to pull a camera out of nowhere and snap a few photos without me knowing. It was scary knowing that someone was photographing me doing mundane things like running or staring. It captured a side of me that I didn’t want other family members or even sometimes the media seeing.

Now I’m the media and see things quite differently.

Candid photos are real photos in my mind. They represent people in their purest form; socializing with other people, expressing emotions or just doing the most mundane of things without being aware of a camera.

Tell someone that you’re taking a picture of them and they change. They become more concerned with the way they act in front of camera even if only notable in the slightest of differences.

Make a person aware of a camera and suddenly they put up a mask. Their movements are selected rather than natural. They paint a careful image that may or may not be their true image.

That’s why I can’t stand doing portraits or family photos. It’s all carefully manicured to appear as if one thing is  happening when in reality it isn’t.

Beauty can be found in the candid just as much as it can be found in the selective.

Of course, it makes me a poor photographer to not want to pursue portraits. But as an artist, it shows very clear artistic vision.



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