Why you should care about how much you tip

Some people don’t have any rules when it comes to tipping. They tip a random amount or don’t even bother altogether.

Not me. Oh no tipping is very important to me.

Service matters to me just as much as the food I eat. So does time and the salary of the person serving me.

Depending on what your profession is, tipping can make or break your paycheck. Waiters and waitresses know this best but there are some other professions like barbers and concierges who deserve tips as well.

Plus let’s be kind here and  recognize that people do deserve to be rewarded for their good service. Even if you were born into the cusp of privilege it is not without those people serving you that you  are there in the first place.

It’s a fine art that our present society seems slightly misinformed about. Then again, in other countries outside of Canada and the USA, tipping just doesn’t happen.

My rule of thumb: consider time, service and start at 10 per cent.

10 per cent or less is for poor service. That means the person serving you was either rude or the service took far too long to be accomplished.

15-20 per cent is the standard range from average service at 15 per cent to stellar at 20 per cent.

Average service is easy to define. Your server was pleasant and the food came in time that prep time should allow. No big mistakes were made and the server attended to you within reasonable time.

Stellar service is all the  characteristics of average service but faster and more welcoming. You can tell when you see it.

One final thing: the quality of your food is not the fault of the server! 

Your server gives you the food. He/she doesn’t prepare it. If the food is bad, complain to  person in charge about it. By no means should you not tip your server!

Go out and make someone’s life better by tipping if they’re a particularly good server. I guarantee you it will come back to you!


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