Transit laws exist for a reason!

Don’t you just love it when you’re trying to exit a tram and suddenly a driver narrowly avoids hitting you?

That’s a popular sight in the city of Toronto, where some of our drivers like to ignore the law because they’re such in a hurry.

In Toronto, our tram system is known by the more literal term “streetcar.” They’ve recently  been upgraded for better customer use  but it still doesn’t change the fact that drivers are still running people over.

I’d say roughly more than 60 per cent of our streetcar stops don’t require pedestrians to  cross the road to board. For the rest of the stops, drivers by law need to abide by a law, which states that drivers must stop at least 2 metres away from a streetcar when its doors are open. This is to stop  them from hitting passengers exiting the streetcar.

But of course, there’s always those people who would rather gamble with people’s lives than miss their Starbucks.

The fine for breaking this law is not cheap. Fines start at $110 with drivers obtaining 3 demerit points upon getting caught. Repeated infractions result in heftier fines and more consequences.

The fact still remains however that people get away with this all the time. The TTC (our transit system here) announced that they are considering installing cameras on streetcars to catch offenders who disobey the law.

Thank goodness. Perhaps finally, we can leave a streetcar without getting ran over by a driver who thinks his meeting is more important than the lives of other people.


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