Job hunting (aka the part where I get annoyed and rant)


What’s new: I need another job. Honestly I don’t understand how I’m supposed to be a functional member of society if society makes it impossible for me to obtain an employment. Now I know the next few paragraphs will be just me complaining but let me say something first: I am not the only one desperate for a job. 

Besides all except one of my friends, it seems that no one wants to hire students for anything. I mean I don’t discriminate when it comes to jobs. I’ll take just about anything as long as my commute isn’t 2 hours or more. Actually scratch that, I’ll work in Antarctica if it means getting paid. But the problem of course is that no one seems to want to hire me. 

As credentials and experience go, I’m not exactly a fresh face to the workforce. I’ve worked  in fast food and with summer camps. I understand quite clearly the struggles of working with the public and with kids. Unfortunately, my experiences seem to get me nowhere. I’m not the only one to notice this. How many time have I been on the train only to hear someone’s struggles on finding a job? Too many I’d say.

I mean, what is it about students that people seem to dislike? Okay actually I know why employers don’t necessarily want to hire us but that defeats the point. If you expect me to buy your clothes, makeup, food and whatever else I feel I should buy, I need an employment. Don’t complain when students don’t appear to contribute to the economy because maybe if we all had jobs that contribution would go up. I’m not going to ruin my employment with my poor life choices and cringe-worthy selfies. Jobs are actually pretty important to me and any other student who understands the value of money in this age.

Yet the vicious cycle continues. I apply and I get nothing in reply. Then, I try to get an education only to find out that guess what? You have to pay for it!  In short, I can’t get a job because I don’t have a job. Logical right?

It doesn’t mean I’ll stop applying. As a matter of fact, I’ll apply until the job market is overflowing with my emails and resumes. It’ll be so overwhelming that they’ll have to hire me then. But I still can’t get over the stress that comes with not having any luck. I have to pay for my own degree, textbooks, phone and later my own food. I can’t do that without a decent paying job. So for those of you still out searching, I feel you. For those of you with a job: can you recommend me for it? 



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